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Civil Service at Its Best: Mamamayan Muna
The Commission stands firm in its resolve of providing total client service satisfaction with an ethos built on public service excellence and anchored on the principles of professionalism, empowerment, ethical, energized, engendered, humanized and God-centered bureaucracy.

Towards this end . . .

 We shall uphold the basic tenets of merit and fitness in the civil service, placing premium on excellence, and on empowered and ethical service.

We shall dispense administrative justice without fear or favor, guided only by what is legal, just and reasonable under the circumstances.

We shall promote a culture of gender-responsiveness in the workplace ensuring equality and equity.

We shall ensure that the work environment is technologically updated to spur optimum productivity.

In pursuit of all these undertakings, we shall always be mindful that "Public Office is a Public Trust" for the transacting public expect from us nothing less than EXCELLENT PUBLIC SERVICE


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