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Civil Service at Its Best: Mamamayan Muna
The Commission, bound by its advocacy of genuine and ideal public service, remains committed in the propagation of the highest standards of integrity and organizational efficiency.

As men and women within the mantle of public service

We will continuously inculcate within our ranks the appreciation of our capacity for growth and excellence.

We believe in the full development of our potential.

We commit to the promotion of self-esteem and respect.

As public servants whose cause is to serve the people

We recognize the value of gender-responsiveness on sustaining human


We reaffirm our commitment to minister expeditious service forged in the name of justice, equity and impartiality.

As employees are part and parcel of the organization entrusted with the responsibility of setting the example for the entire bureaucracy ..

We will accomplish our tasks through our unified efforts.

We encourage the genesis of new ideas that lead to policies and growth-enhancing work environments.

We espouse the philosophy of genuine selfless public service as the true mark of performance and excellence.


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