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In reinforcing the Vision and Mission of the Civil Service Commission for the next five years (2001-2005), we are adopting the following strategies:

1. Promote Speedy and Just Disposition of Cases

The CSC action officers shall provide ethical, accountable, transparent, legal and quasi-judicial services as reflected by the reduction in the number of appeals and reversals on CSC decisions. They shall aim to reduce backlog on case disposition to a minimum as well as the number of days for the resolution of cases.

2. Intensify Employee Empowerment

The CSC shall champion employee welfare and protection by ensuring that mechanisms on Public Sector Unionism (PSU) are fully established and are operational.

3. Build Strategic Alliances

Strategic partnerships with other public agencies and sectors shall be forged for continuous exchange of HRM systems and information.

4. Intensify Advocacy in "Live Clean and Green Workplaces"

The CSC shall advocate a humanized workplace by adopting environment-friendly practices and coordinate environmental awareness campaign with LGUís and NGAís employee unions.

5. Promote Speedy, Responsive, Efficient, Effective Delivery of Public Services

The CSC shall provide and expand electronic technology and public information services so that clients can have easy access to policies, resolutions and other areas of CSC operations.

6. Model Excellence and Ethics in Public Services

The Commission shall ensure a performance-based security of tenure and nurture a value-driven workforce through the establishment of an integrated HRD program and enhancement of competency-based training programs for the entire bureaucracy.

7. Advance Gender-Responsiveness Agenda in the Bureaucracy

The Commission shall accelerate efforts in mainstreaming and sustaining GAD policies, programs and projects.

8. Build a Learning and Electronically Advanced Organization in the Commission

The CSC shall continuously build capacities, skills and competencies of CSC officials and employees to ensure a learning organization supported by a competent workforce.

It shall be the goal of CSC to be an IT Center on Personnel Management and ensure that the workforce is computer literate.


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