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In 1975, pursuant to the provisions of the Integrated Reorganization Plan which was promulgated on September 24, 1972 and in accord with the Decentralization Law, the Civil Service Commission established the Civil Service Commission Regional Office No. 8 in Tacloban City, with Mrs. Albina Manalo Dans as its first Regional Director, Mrs Purificacion Rueda Jorda as head Personnel Analyst of the Appointments Review Division. The position of Head Personnel Analyst of the career Development and Evaluation Division was vacant.   

            In the same year, 1975 the volume of work started pouring in as the Regional Office was now servicing the whole of Eastern Visayas and the handful of personnel could not adequately cope up with the burgeoning level of transactions considering that about sixty (60%) percent of the Regional Office personnel compliment were detailed at the Central Office in Manila. So that additional personnel were recruited and appointed to positions in the Regional Office. Those who were adsorbed by the regional office in said year were: Mrs. Blesilda A. Urmenita from the Civil Service Commission Central Office, Personnel Analyst; Mr. Anastascio Tunggolh from the Provicial Governor’s Office, Mrs. Irene D. Palacio from the Provincial Treasurer’s Office; and Atty. Patrocino M. Cuneta, from CSC Region Office No. 1.

            The personnel structure/compliment during the later part of the year was altered due to the appointment of Mrs. Albina Manalo Dans as Commissioner and her immediate transfer to Manila, thus, leaving the position of Regional Director vacant. Albeit, Miss Purificacion Rueda received her promotional appointment as Assistant Director, which in turn created a chain of vacant positions which led ti chain promotion among the personnel already occupying positions in the Regional Office. Atty. Patrocino Cuneta headed the Recruitment and Examination Division with the promotion of Mrs. Jorda as Assistant Regional Director.

            In the later part of  November 1975, Atty. Teodoro D. Cañete. Consultant on Civil Service matters of the defunct Congress, assumed the position of Regional Director of the Civil Service Commission Regional Office No. 8.

            Immediately upon his assumption as Regional Director, Director Cañete proposed promotional and original appointment to deserving regular employees and teachers on detail for purposes of meeting the demands of voluminous personnel actions accruing to the very new functional office.

            In 1976, eight persons were extended promotional/original appointments to the Regional Plantilla. They were: Mrs. Blesilda A Urmeneta. Head Personnel Analyst, Career Development and Evaluation division, Miss Leonora U. Berino, Administrative Officer; Mrs. Iluminada R. Beringuel, Personnel Analyst; Miss Norma G. Chua, Records Officer; Wenceslao Vanilla, Clerk; Rogelia Suarez (now Mrs. Caintic), Clerk; and Mrs. Agustina L. Palomino, personnel Analyst.

            With the personnel compliment still not enough to adequately attend to the taxing overload of work, the services of teachers on detail were availed of, plus some detailed employees from other government agencies.

            The effect of the Regionalization and the consciousness of local appointing officials to extend appointments to their employees for purposes of official recording in the Commission, for retirement and justification of deductions for their life and retirement premiums payments made a very significant increase in the volume of the work for the undermanned Regional Office, so that several of those teachers on detail and other detailed employees were extended appointments in 1997.

            In 1978, more detailed employees were absorbed by the Commission, including some coming form other agencies who were extended original appointments/transfer to our CSC Regional Office No. 8.  


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