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Welcome to Online Information System…The world-wide-web version of the Civil Service Commission Regional Office no. 8  - A special information section that comes free, every 15th day of month.

Information Online first became a part of the Thesis Proposal website in September 2001of Syntacs Computer College Student as requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Since then, both the personnel/staff and client have experienced a sharp growth both in terms of users and the demands of these users – information had to reach more people, in a shorter amount of time, in the most convenient means possible. with a reach which continues to steeply grow everyday and with new features promising a higher level of not just speed and convenience, but efficiency.


Why Information Online?

For Client:

    1. Easy access to the best job openings;

    2. Quick and convenient mode of sending resumés to hiring companies – via e-mail;

    3. Privilege to fill out our Resumé Reserve form and become part of a database of job           seekers
        that is  given to hiring agencies;

    4. Ability to subscribe to JOBS ALERT (New!). By subscribing, job seekers will be furnished,
        via e-mail, the latest job openings available in Civil Service Commission Job Inquiry Online.

For Hiring Companies:

    1. Ad exposure for one (1) full week on the World Wide Web;

    2. Access to Resumé Reserve System (a categorized databank of resumés from job seekers) based
        on your hiring requirements;


Find the Best, use Civil Service Commission Job Inquiry  Online Regularly!

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